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“WordLogics: an Efficient Cooperative Model and a Translator-Friendly Working Environment” – Guest P

In 2011, I conducted a survey on the well-being of translators. Of the 102 surveyed, nearly half (48%) admitted to having few or even no professional relationships. According to me, this situation is essentially due to the agency model in which most translators evolve. As WordLogics has pointed it out keenly, the business model to which agencies adhere results in a lack of communication between translators and customers, the first having to deal with a project manager, himself not that much aware of the texts translated. This lack of communication has a price for translators in their personnal and professional lifes: their self-esteem takes a beating.

The cooperative model proposed by WordLogics allows translators to work in a collaborative environment, in which they share decisions and communicate together. Each team member feels being part of a group and therefore nurtures his sense of belonging. As a matter of fact, all human beings need to feel that they are receiving affection, attention and friendship from those near and dear to them. They need to have a sense of power and recognition. Surrounding themselves with people who occasionally recognize that they have important things to say helps them satisfy these needs. Achieving a sense of belonging, power and recognition nurtures their confidence… and, at WordLogics, translators succeed to do so committed to deliver a high quality service in the fields of humanities, social sciences, arts, law and technology. What a wonderful initiative!

Sylvie Lemieux has been a freelance translator for 20 years and is the owner of Tradinter, Inc. After reading her article on “The Virtual Cooperative, Dream or Reality?” and participating in a discussion on LinkedIn, we invited her to share her thoughts about WordLogics and our cooperative approach to translation:

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