Liliane Hamel, Ph.D., CRHA


Fascinated by the human behavior in working environments, Liliane specializes in stress management and management coaching. Furthermore, Ms. Hamel totals nearly 20 years of experience as a consultant. In 2009, she completed her doctoral dissertation on metaconsciousness and manager development. Her research allowed setting forth, among others, the guiding principles of a training course geared toward the energy potential of participants.


She has also completed the TRIMA certification, a powerful tool used for competency-based management. Moreover, she has attended two training courses at the Institute of HeartMath in California where she learned how to master cardiac coherence as a means to help people adapt to stress and its related effects. Additionally, Liliane Hamel has successfully completed a bachelor of administration as well as master’s and doctoral degrees in educational technology, which translated into a solid expertise in teaching and coaching in the field of self-management.


Since 2002, Liliane has taught change management, manager skills development and company management at Université Laval’s Management Department.


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